OACRAO-L is an Internet list serve the association uses to communicate among members. It is used to notify members of meetings and events, to exchange ideas and discuss issues. The list serve is oacrao-l@lists.onenet.net.

To subscribe/unsubscribe to the OACRAO-L, please go to http://lists.onenet.net/mailman/listinfo/oacrao-l and follow the instructions to add or remove yourself from the listserv. Lastly, the above url appears at the end of the message being sent so if you open an e-mail that comes over the new listserv, at the bottom the address above should be there to access the same instructions for subscribing or unsubscribing.


Regist-L was created as a virtual community of registrars (of all levels) to share their common experiences and has a current membership of about 1400, some more actively posting messages than others. Typical traffic on a weekday is from 30 to 40 messages, many of which are responses to pleas for help with a particular problem one of us is encountering.

Posting address for the Regist-L list: regist-l@mailbox.gsu.edu (This goes to all 1400 members.)

The list web address: http://listserv.gsu.edu/cgi-bin/wa?SUBED1=REGIST-L&A=1 (This is where you go for information on the REGIST-L and to sign up)

To subscribe to REGIST-L, go to the list web address and provide your email address and your name in the boxes provided. Once you submit your subscription request, the system sends you a confirmation message. You must respond to this message in order to activate your subscription.

To unsubscribe from REGIST-L, go to the web address above and scroll down to the “Regist_L Subscribers” section, where you will see a button for “Unsubscribe or User Options.” If you are changing jobs, it would be best to signoff from the list and subscribe again when you are in your new situation.

If your email address is changing, you can either use the “Unsubscribe or User Options” button on the mail web page, or you can go directly to the Member Options page at http://mailbox.gsu.edu/mailman/options/regist-l where you will log in and then be able to change your address.